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samādhi etymology


From a Bhikkhu bodhi lecture:

"sam" = coming together
"a" = also similar in meaning to coming together
"dhi" = comes from "dha" meaning "to place"

samadhi etymologically  no relation to samatha

ideas for translating term samadhi

bhikkhu bodhi uses "concentration"
thanissaro uses "concentration". sometimes "composure". in 16 steps of anapanasati, for samadaham cittam he says "steadying the mind".
bhikkhu kumaara uses "composed".

problems with "concentration": in the western world, we associate that word with focus, intensity, forcing the mind to follow ones will,  tension, overexertion, headaches

better terms to translate samaadhi as it is to be developed skillfully as taught by the buddha, with soft skillful direction: composed, collected, undistracted, steadied, centered, cool, calm, unperturbed