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6 higher knowledges

AN 3.100.11-15 nimitta  balancing samadhi, viriya, upekkha, using a goldsmith analogy for malleable wieldy mind to attain supernormal powers

AN 8.64 (4) Gayā

(excerpt of b.bodhi)

“Venerable sir!” those bhikkhus replied. The Blessed One said this:

(1) “Bhikkhus, before my enlightenment, while I was still a bodhisatta, not yet fully enlightened, I perceived only a light, but I did not see forms.

(2) “It occurred to me, bhikkhus: ‘If I should perceive a light and also see forms, in such a case this knowledge and vision of mine would become even more purified.’ So on a later occasion, as I was dwelling heedful, ardent, and resolute, I perceived a light and also saw forms. Yet I did not associate with those deities, converse with them, and engage in a discussion with them.