“yā kho, āvuso visākha, cittassa ekaggatā ayaṃ samādhi; cattāro satipaṭṭhānā samādhinimittā; cattāro sammappadhānā samādhiparikkhārā. yā tesaṃyeva dhammānaṃ āsevanā bhāvanā bahulīkammaṃ, ayaṃ ettha samādhibhāvanā”ti.

Miccha Samadhi (Wrong Concentration)

Samma Samadhi (Right Concentration)

sammāsamādhi is defined as the 4 jhanas


5 jhana factors
Can one do satipatthana while in Jhana? Sutta Jhāna and visuddhimagga jhana disagree
using jhanas to develop supernormal powers: 6 higher knowledges

How to attain jhanas

DN 2 uses great similes and details on development of virtue and abandoning 5 hindrances as prerequisites to getting into 1st jhana

using Ānāpānāssati
sn 54.8 Dīpa Sutta
explains how to use Ānāpānāssati to attain jhanas

using Satipatthana kaya anupassi
MN 119

how much Jhāna is needed for destruction of Āsavas?


Formless Attainments

In some suttas they are characterized as indespensable to full enlightenment, whereas other suttas such as DN leave it out completely, implying 4 jhanas is sufficient.

Other meditative attainments

details here... other meditative attainments

Balancing Samadhi

AN 3.100.11-15 nimitta  balancing samadhi, viriya, upekkha, using a goldsmith analogy for malleable wieldy mind to attain supernormal powers

not being attached to bliss of samadhi

Alternative classifications of Samadhi

The Buddha less frequently used other classification schemes for samadhi other than sammāsamādhi
such as... concentration with vitakka but not vicara, etc.

4 developments of samadhi

noble right concentration

noble-right-concentration + supports + requisites = mind-in-one-place equipped with [first] 7 factors [of noble eightfold path] 
MN 117: "Now what, monks, is noble right concentration with its supports & requisite conditions? Any singleness of mind equipped with these seven factors — right view, right resolve, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, & right mindfulness — is called noble right concentration with its supports & requisite conditions."


samādhi etymology

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